5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Vacation Rental

It’s that time of year; you and the family are ready to hit the high road for a much-needed break from reality. You have a few beaches in mind, but you are sure about one thing; you will be on a beach soon. You and the hubby called off of work already, and the kids are on summer vacation, so no need to get them approved for an absence and all that is left to do is to find the perfect vacation getaway rental. You want to make sure you pick the best vacation rental spot to give you the exact type of break and relaxation that you are looking for. Here are some tips:

1) Consider renting privately versus through a management company: Personal rentals can often be up to 40% cheaper than renting through a hotel, resort, or any other type of managed apartments. The reason for this is because private rentals don’t require the owner to pay any fees for the real estate; they own it. However, the chance you take with renting privately is if something were to go wrong, such as the refrigerator stopped working or you have no more water, then private owners may take a bit longer to fix the issue since there is probably not an airtight contract like there would be with a big company.


2) Know what you want: If you want a three bedroom condo so you and your hubby can have alone time while each of your two children brings a friend, then you want to make sure that is what is being offered to you. The last thing that you want on a relaxing vacation is a big room with three single beds which provide no privacy for anyone. You will be happier if you take the time to do the research. If you’re on a unique diet, check those that serve Mayo clinic gluten free recipes or something like that. 


3) Pictures! Way too often, people don’t look at pictures of the places they are going to stay at. Whether you decide to rent privately or from a managed company, check out what they have to offer. Their pool may sound a lot better than it looks and if that is a big concern of yours, you are going to want to make sure it is adequate.


4) Ask About Appliances: If you and your family like to cook on your vacation to save money or just for convenience, then making sure you have the right tools is essential! Is there a fridge to store your food/leftovers? Is there an oven? Are microwaves and toasters available? Make sure you ask these questions, so you are not left disappointed.


5) Reviews! Lastly, the very best rule of thumb for renting somewhere you’ve never rented before is by checking the reviews. Sift through what the reoccurring issues are. Also, keep in mind that people usually only like to voice an opinion when they want to complain, so if you see a one-off negative review, don’t dwell on it. The best way to read reviews is to look for trends and patterns.


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